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Savage Trap Queen explains how she ventured into adult movies.



Nigerian star, Savage Trap Queen has finally explained how she got herself tangled into adult movies.

In an interview with Daddy Freeze, the porn star disclosed that she was invited to an audition she thought was for a reality show by a friend.

She revealed that she realized it was a different thing after she saw some girls wearing G-string panties at the venue of the supposed audition.

Savage Trap Queen also disclosed that she wasn’t paid after sex during the audition for a role in the adult movies she subsequently featured in. According to her, they were paid N80k for featuring in porn movies with mask and N100k without mask.

When asked if their male colleagues last as much as they are presumed to, she disclosed that there are several cuts which are all merged together before adult movies are released.

Here is a video of the interview below;