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Post soccer dreams: Reggiana captain quits to study business



Just days after Reggiana celebrated promotion into Serie B, their 26-year-old captain Alessandro Spanò has announced he’s quitting football to study business

The centre-back has been in a whirlwind over the last week, as in the space of a few days, he earned promotion to Serie B by beating Bari 1-0 in the Serie C play-offs, got his degree and discovered he’d been awarded a bursary to study at the International Business School in Shanghai.

“I think that destiny plays with our lives to give, at the right moment, some meaning to everything that in difficult moments might seem to be meaningless,” said Spanò in an emotional press conference.

Former Reggiana captain Alessandro quits for further studies in Shanghai

“On Wednesday night, looking at the faces and into the eyes of those close to me, I realised that every single instant made perfect sense. My destiny was tied in with this city of Reggio Emilia, to travel together hand in hand, and we’ve reached the summit.

“I could not have imagined a better ending to the movie of my playing career than that happy scene, my last match was celebrating promotion and my destiny had been realised.

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“Now I have to follow my heart once more. There are other parts of me that are pushing for space and their time has come. It’s my turn to take another path away from football.

“I might be a little crazy, but you have to follow your dreams.”

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