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Man Utd: It’s a dream come true – Fernandes



Bruno Fernandes has sensationally revealed that it’s a dream come true for him playing in the colours of Manchester United.

Month of March Man U player of the month Bruno Fernandes

“I have already said this a lot of times but it was a dream come true. For me, ever since I was a kid, it was a dream playing for Manchester United. I already told everyone in the interview, Manchester United was and is one of the biggest clubs in the world.

You look in the past and when I’m younger, you look at the players who play for Manchester United and you see the biggest stars in the world.

You see the best players in the world. You have players from everywhere and also, we talked a lot and I told you about Cristiano.

I looked at Manchester with more interest when Cristiano was here because it’s normal when you have Portuguese players in some teams, you look at them more than other teams. But at that moment, I started to look at Manchester in a different way because you see Cristiano but then you see also the team and you have Paul Scholes, you have Rooney, you have Giggs and you have Roy Keane, Cantona before. You have a lot of players… I don’t know… van Nistelrooy… I can stay here for hours saying all the names of players for Manchester United.

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Also Nani, who’s played with me. You have big stars playing here. [Joining] Manchester United was so easy because since I was a kid, it was a dream, so for me, doing this step, a big step to the Premier League to Manchester United was perfect.”

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